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Stephanie G.
Bethesda, MD

Hands down A Walk in the Park gets 4 paws from us! The owners are knowledgeable, compassionate and overall great people! They hire excellent and caring staff. We have used them regularly for years. They are always available and truly love your pet. We can not say enough good about them!

Kate B.
Alexandria, VA

Can't say enough good things. I lost my older dog about 2 months ago and Ben (who had never been alone) was having a hard time. My work days were long and I wasn't able to bring him with me like I normally do. After talking to many dog walking companies, I reached out to AWITP (who came highly recommend by Kentlands Vet). They were amazing!

Jenni B.
Bethesda, MD

I've used AWITP twice now (with service scheduled for Christmas) and have been very happy. Each day they come, they leave a pet sitting report with the time, the services provided and cute notes. On the last visit, they noted how sweet and affectionate my cat was and that they spent their time together giving plenty of head and chin scratches.

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