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Carolyn Rush - Office Manager

I’ve always had a passion for animals, of all shapes and sizes. Growing up I had a beautiful Dutch dog named, Voxy, and currently I have two loving rescue cats named Dante and Athena. It’s always been a dream of mine to work with animals, and working with A Walk in the Park has allowed me to achieve this dream! Being around your dogs and cats makes my day a truly happy one.

Before I joined A Walk in the Park, I got a degree in Sociology and a minor in Anthropology from Ithaca College.

Walkers/Pet Sitters


Hello! My name is Victoria Garcia, I have a degree in Psychology and a minor in

Philosophy from the University of Maryland,

Baltimore County. I would eventually like to start my own psychotherapy practice and allow clients to bring their pets to their counseling sessions.


I dearly love animals and enjoy caring for them. In my time at UMBC, I volunteered at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore.

I sadly have no pets of my own, but when my friends need help with their pets, I'm their go-to, because they know that I'll love hanging out with and taking care of their pet, and will be sure to do a good job.


During the school year, I am an instructor at a local community college. In between classes and in the summer, I enjoy being outside with your dogs.

I have a 10-year-old Husky/Shepherd mix and a wonderful cat at home. 


Fun fact: I enjoy fossil hunting and collecting. (Photo taken in Newfoundland)


Hi, my name is Jasmine and I've been working for A Walk in the Park for almost a year. My love for animals started at a young age when we got a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named

Frosty and a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot named Paco. I currently own a tabby cat named Athena, a mini dachshund named Oscar, a turtle named Angelo, a parakeet named Calypso, and Paco the parrot (mentioned above). They all mean the world to me even though my house basically looks like a zoo.


Another passion of mine is travel. Often these passions collide and I get to meet wonderful exotic animals from all over the world: from sloth sanctuaries in Costa Rica to spotting a Quetzal, the native bird of Guatemala, in the forests of Central America. Animals have always been an important part of my life and they always will be! 

Our Other Awesome Staff:

Our other amazing walkers/pet sitters include

Britany Grayson                                 Greg Atkin                                           Oscar Vallecillo

Veronica Melgar                                 Jeremy Savage                                   Jewel Lankford

Emily Klosson                                      Greg Englar                                        Juliet Wahome

Kyle Stevens-Donati                           MJ Peltier                                            

(Biographies to come soon!)


 Phone: 301-654-7275

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